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Fruit Wholesale

We are proud to say that we offer the finest fresh fruit produce throughout the South West.

Our customers rely on our wholesale supply to not only enhance their menu offering, but to also enhance the wonderful flavour potential that can be achieved with fruit that is grown, stored and supplied correctly - and of course prepared by the fantastic chefs that we are thrilled to work with!

We spend time with each of our wholesale customers to understand their expectations and requirements, and in doing so we are able to ensure that the wholesale supply we give each customer is tailored to what they require. By forging this relationship we understand each specific requirement, and this extended knowledge of you, the customer - is what makes us different from alternative wholesale fruit suppliers.

If it’s in season we guarantee it's sourced locally from our network of trusted, UK based growers. In doing so we are able to offer a fresher fruit wholesale product range, give our customers the highest quality product and support our local economy.

If you’re after something that’s not currently in season or available locally - don’t worry! Our supplier network stretches far across the globe meaning we can get hold of anything and everything, as and when you need it.

By relying predominantly on local growers, we reduce the travel time spent on each item so are able to keep our economic footprint and prices to a minimum. One thing we never do however, is compromise on quality.