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Wholesale Dairy Products

At Dart Fresh we are dedicated to selling an enormous range of the freshest dairy wholesale products throughout the South West - including milks, creams, butters, yoghurts, eggs and cheeses!

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can tell you without hesitation that we can supply it. If you’re after a wholesale milk supplier we’ve got skimmed, semi skimmed, whole milk - and even specialist milks like goats and oats! Speaking with our wholesale customers about their requirements lets us flex our extremely broad range of dairy products that are readily available.

Our cheese range is also something that will never leave you shopping elsewhere. Once again - getting to know our wholesale customers allows us to offer them exactly what they require, in the quantities and frequency that they need it. So remember - if you’re in need of something that you can’t find anywhere else, get to know our dairy wholesale team and our longstanding relationships with some of the biggest dairy producers in the world means we can almost guarantee we can get it for you.